Monday, September 10, 2007

tired but accomplished

Well we (Beth and I) made it through our first show weekend for this month. Two more to go, then probably a couple in October as well. We headed down to Germantown outside of Memphis friday afternoon at a leasurely pace and found our hotel, no thanks to Googlemaps directions. Apparently Google needs to work on their left and right some more, back to school, no student left behind!! The hotel turned out to be a great find. Large suites with a decent breakfast and a pretty comfy bed, can't really ask for more on the business trips.

The show went well minus some grueling temps on Saturday and a few downpours on sunday. We managed to stay relatively dry and sell a bunch of jewelry. A lot of folks stopped by the booth and expressed how happy they were that we were back again this year. I think it is so awesome to think that Beth is having such an effect on people across the country!
A lot of the vendors surrounding us decided to leave sunday morning before the show even opened because of the poor weather. I have to admit the idea crossed our minds, but we always get so aggravated when people leave early and you never know what is going to happen in the long run. It always seems when people give up, the weather always turns for the better and the customers flock in. This show was no exception. We had great sales saturday even in the extreme muggy heat, and then sold almost as much sunday with 4 less hours and all the wet weather. The scared vendors really missed out this time!

I haven't been doing much biking lately. It's sad, but I've just had too much going on. I thought about getting out today but I had a few random studio projects to work on and some Google work to do. It also was muggy in the morning and then rained quite a bit around lunch. I'm looking forward to some more bike polo tomorrow. We are heading to Chicago thursday and I have a remote session in Franklin booked for wed. Tomorrow may be my only chance to be on a bike this week. I was doing so well last month towards my goal of 1000 off-road miles this year. Hopefully I can still put in some good miles sometime this month, or hit it really hard in October to stay on track. I've got about 300 miles to go. I wonder what my reward for myself will be?? hmmm never really gave that any though til now!
Well I'll leave this with another pic from the weekend. Found a good beer at Outback of all places while we were in Germantown. Coopers Sparkling Ale. Sounded like I wouldn't like it, and that it may be cider-like, but it turned out to be fantastic and refreshing. Sorta reminded me of a bubbly Bottingtons, even had a little Yazoo Pale taste to it, though less hoppy and more carbonated.

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freshie beth said...

yikes. you always pick my least favorite photos of myself to share with the world. oh, well. sorry the jewelry biz is keeping you from biking as much as you would like, but your neck needs to heal anyway. :)

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