Thursday, September 20, 2007

busy busy busy

Another week gone by and lots and lots of stuff going on. Headed to Chicago last thurs for 4 days. Beth and I headed up a couple days early to enjoy the city before The Renegade Festival started. We had a great time in the city and had a hugely successful show. We were both blown away by how busy we were saturday. We were just swamped for hours with customers, helping answer questions, teaching how lariats fit and checking people out. We actually had a steady line to buy stuff. Sunday was more sane and we still sold a good amount; definitely the best show to date.

I uploaded my pics from the trip to Flickr so you (all of you) can view them here: Chicago Pics

I worked on a fun Brooks and Dunn project last week. We recorded a live show at that they filmed for a future release. The entire road crew came and setup like it was any other show. I wasn't sure what to expect when I accepted the gig but it was a lot of fun and it all went very smooth. We also lucked into some great catering and we're done by 5:30pm. Can't beat the banker hours with free food. Well there could of been free beer I guess.

I decided I'm going to put my Google money towards a new laptop once Leopard is released. It has already given me more incentive to put in some extra hours. I've already put in my required hours for this week and am going to try to get in as much as I can. We are heading to St Louis this weekend for a one day show with Freshie and Zero. We'll be back in time for some biking on sunday I hope.

I went out for the first time in a few weeks last night. Thad emailed me an invitation for a night ride with he and Mike N and I jumped in. We got two fun night laps in at Chickasaw Trace, one forward and one reverse. It was my first reverse lap which led to some surprises in the dark. Had one close encounter with a friendly rock which led to a big goose-egg on my shin...thinking it is time for a top tube pad and a crotch guard for the stem. I've experienced way too much leg injuries from my bike frame. You can read Thad's account of the ride complete with pics here:

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