Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being outside will brighten all spirits

Thad (Johnny5) came over this morning and we hopped on the bikes for a ride down to REI. This is the first real spring day I've been able to get out and enjoy on the bike and it was glorious. The temperature was in the 70s and the sun was blaring. I hadn't ridden this route since last fall so there was also a bit of nostalgia in today's ride. Only downer was a 20mph headwind the entire trip down Franklin Rd. Combine that with the almost entirely false-flat-ness of Franklin Rd and it made for what felt like slow going. I thought dispite this, we actually made good time, getting down to REI in just over 30 min for the 8.5 mile trip. It seems to always take me atleast 15-20 minutes by car.

The bike setup on the Crosscheck felt great... ended up riding with a knobby front tire and a slick rear tire. Only out of laziness since I needed the slick tire for my first trainer experience on Sunday. I have to say I enjoyed the ride though. It was nice having a bigger volume tire up front with less psi and yet still have the efficient rolling aspects of the narrower, slick rear tire. I also lowered my saddle just a smidge when I was riding on the trainer. I think since I've increased the tension on my leather saddle, it raised my position up a bit too high for comfort.

After searched all over REI for something to spend my $20 dividend on, I gave up and left empty handed. Oh well, no reason to force a purchase. We ran into Elliot while there and ended up having lunch with him which was a pleasant surprise.

Thad showing us what he wished he'd ordered...

No... really, I don't want any...

The return ride flew by since the wind was now at our backs. We got caught by the train on Berry Rd. by the post office. Thad thought it odd, though I've been stopped here a lot since moving to our new house. No matter, since it was such a nice day. The train was slow and we got some advice while we waited. Hey Mathew P.... Ride for Reading or Read for Riding? Maybe Read about riding?

trains a comin'... we totally could of made it


Thad likes to share the perspective of his crotch with the world

It was a great day to be outside and pedaling. Tomorrow morning I'll be out at Hamilton Creek trail helping with some trail maintance. I'm hoping the rain stays away so we get a chance to ride some of the trail. I haven't ridden there in months and I miss it!

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cornfed said...

Crotch cams are all the rage in Asia, I'm just ahead of the curve here in the Southeast.

mmm fish tacos

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