Saturday, November 22, 2008

whistle while you work

Got out early on this cold day and headed to Lock4 or the SORBA trail work day. 15 people came to help build a reroute around an eroded section of trail. We were able to get the entire 300 foot section cleared and ready to ride in about 3 hours. It was cold but we all warmed up fast working in the dirt.

A group of us headed to Chili's for some much needed fuel and we all had intentions of riding the trail after. Well, after feeding out faces for over an hour, most bailed on the ride and it was left to Thad and I to try out the new trail section alone. I needed the head-clearing ride through the woods and tried my best to keep the pace up; didn't hurt that my ears and toes were a bit chilly. I need to get me one of them fancy flappy Walz caps, maybe Santa will hear me.

The new section rode very well and should be well packed in a just a few days with the amount of traffice Lock4 sees. There were already multiple tracks in it in the couple hours it took us to get back from lunch.

Here are some photos of the workday courtesy of BigPoppy....

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