Thursday, November 13, 2008

Race report coming soon, not this soon.

Better late than never right? I just can't get caught up on things right now. Life is whizzing by and I'm trying to keep on top of everything. After a couple long days of work and packing and moving, there was little time to write a race report from Swank65. It's now Thurs AM and I've yet to start and only have a few minutes before I have to go to the new house with a truck-load and meet the tile guy. So, I've decided I'll just start the report and hopefully work on it as I get time. Maybe I'll have to post an interim entry before I post the full report.

J5's coming over this afternoon to help move some things with me, then we are planning to ride into the city to the tap room as a reward.

My body is still isn't quite recovered from Swank. I felt pretty good Monday which was just a cruel joke for the tightness and cramped calves I dealt with Tuesday and Wed. It didn't help at all that I was sitting at work much of Tuesday. Everytime I'd get up it was like I had to re-stretch my calves from years of being bent. Ouch!

Stay tuned for a full race report very soon. For now I'll say the race rocked! I felt better than I should all day. Had some cramping late in the ride to deal with, but surprising I was able to keep it under control and ride almost all the climbing in the last 10 mile stretch, even the extra 1.5 miles of climbing I did. (more on that later) I surpassed my goal for the day by a long shot which was also a big surprise.

My pictures from the race are up on my Flickr page though, and the results and race photos are posted up on the Swank65 site.

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