Sunday, December 16, 2007

The two parties are of course on the same night

Beth and I were only invited to three Xmas parties this year. The first one we missed while were in Decatur, drinking yummy beer. The other two were this past weekend and both were saturday. Beth worked a half day and I finished up my xmas shopping. We headed over to the first party around 7:30pm thinking we'd be fashionable late. Apparently now it's fashionable to come a few hours after it started. Our friend Marissa hosted and had a great spread of cheese, crackers, prosciutto and salami, wine, champagne jam punch and some great deserts!! It was fun to see Todd and Marissa and Jamie again. We hadn't hung out with them in months. The party was low key with a lot of chatting and munching.

Around 10 we went over to party #2 at Kelly's pad. Right when we walked in we knew this was going to be an entirely different kind of party. The dining room was a huge dance party and the place was packed with around 40 people. The self serve wine table was out back so we headed there first. We needed some libations to lose some inhibitions and hit the dance floor. Of course I volunteered (or was I volunteered?) to drive, so I could not partake like Beth could. We had a great time chattin' with Kelly and others and dancing it up. They had a great party soundtrack going with some of Beth's new favorite songs. Midnight came quickly and I made the executive decision to head home. Of course given my new internal clock schedule, I couldn't sleep until about 2am and slept in this morning a bit.

Today after some omelette's, it was all about the office. The home office, not the TV show everyone thinks is revolutionary. We set up some shelves that we picked up in Atlanta last weekend. Rearranged some other shelves and moved everything around. Beth planned out this intricate work space for her FreshieandZero packaging and shipping department. She's still waiting on a mail sorter to help with keeping multiple orders organized pre-shipment, but the shelves looks great and the feng shui is really workin'.

I'm thinking about riding Monty Bell early tomorrow morning with some NMB guys. (HAWT Mike may be there too!!) I'll have to take the full suspension bike which I'm not excited about. No need for it at Monty Bell. My single speed rear wheel is still down at MOAB bike shop, probably ready for me to pick up. There's no way I'm driving to Murfreesboro to get it before I drive to White Bluff to ride MB. I'll just suffer through the gears and squish. I really need to try to get as many miles as I can in before the Snake Creek races start. I'm not sure yet if I'll make the January one, it may depend on how in-shape I feel.

As usual, you can see more pics from the weekends parties here: Xmas Party on my Flickr Page

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Orderly Conduct said...

yeah!!!! i'm famous!

SO glad you two made it! i do remember you were there, by the way! :)

Dec. 6th next year. mark your calendar. and secure the cab.

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