Monday, December 03, 2007

Mimosas are nice

It's been a fun week since Thanksgiving break. I helped Beth setup and tear down two shows in one day and Thurs night tap room was fun. I've been glued to my new Centro, personalizing it and downloading programs. On Saturday, Thad and I rode Chickasaw in the amazing weather we had. Our bodies didn't know what was up with the 70 degree temps and clear skies. We were both feeling less than 100% but we still managed a great ride. The trail was in perfect shape. I really enjoyed riding the Soma, it was one of those good mojo days. Even with the lack of riding lately, I managed to have a great ride and not feel empty after. I really need to try to step up the riding in December to be ready for Snake Creek.

I took it easy on Sunday and got a lot of errands done with Beth. We had brunch with her parents and Beth did some needed rearranging of the office. Today was the first day I've had engineering work since before Thanksgiving. I'm assisting on a demo session with the Warren Brothers tomorrow so I went and setup the studio this afternoon. It's a new-to-me studio so the setup took a bit longer than I'd have liked. It should be a fun day tomorrow though (I hope). The engineer is always fun to work with and the Warren Bros are a trip.

The town is turning into one big Xmas decoration. It feels strange to think we are so close to Christmas. All the decorations are helping get me in the mood but it still feels like we've rushed into it. At least people waited until after Thanksgiving this year.

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby girl on Wednesday! My first niece ever! It is so exciting, I can't imagine what they are feeling! We are going to try to go and see them before Christmas if we can.

There is rumor that there may be a new bike ordered soon for the Lawrence's.... It already has a place waiting for it in the living room. (shut up Thad!)


-d said...

careful, Cornfed will start harrassing you about having too many bikes.

cornfed said...

It's not about having too many bikes Mr. Wall of Bikes Hennessey, it's about you not having any love for them. They are just meaningless objects for you, you swap them out like one night stands. No love for them. Always looking for the next "better" bike without taking the time to truly appreciate who each one of your trusty steeds are.
Everyone knows 3 bikes is the minimum amount of bikes one should ever own. Duh.

cornfed said...

It's also had a place waiting for it for weeks now. The place has been vacant so long more stuff has gathered there. See what happens when you don't act on the new bike order?

Chewieez said...

yea.... duh!

freshie beth said...

I think now I have given new meaning to "office organization". I'm sure pictures will be posted soon...

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