Friday, November 23, 2007

obsessively surfing the internet can make you money

Here's a heads up to everyone who shops with offers a 30 day Price Guarantee. They don't advertise it, just like they don't advertise their phone number but they offer it! Basically if the price is lowered in the 30 days following your order, just call Amazon and they will credit your money back. Here is their number and dial ext 7 to speak with a human immediately. (1-800-201-7575 ext 7)

I noticed that my laptop is currently on sale for $50 less than I paid (probably a Black Friday Deal) so I just called Amazon and asked for a price guarantee refund. It took a while but the customer service was polite and $50 was credited back to my credit card!!!

Now buy away with no fear of upcoming deals in the holiday season!!

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