Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fortunate one

So apparently Google is down? really? Mine works? I've been searching, checking emails, reading up on other people dribble through google reader. I guess I'm one of the fortunate ones.... or maybe I should wonder how much I'd get done if in fact my little area of Google stopped working. I don't see any of my gTalk (riding buds) online... I guess they are off the map.... what are you guys doing with your freeeedom?

So some highlights from DSG I wanted to share before life moves on to something else:

• going down 'early' this year and hanging Friday afternoon
• Seeing Clay with a huge grin on his face (you know this guy is having fun)
• Meeting new cool peeps... Misfit crew, Moots crew, Curtis Inglis, even Team Dicky
• Seeing old NMB friends of late (some I haven't seen since DSG aught 8)
• My first solo 12hr event (though it actually became a solo 4.5 hr event)
• My first 1/2 lap in the rain was actually fun
• Seeing clay be the big equalizer....
• Watching Scott McConnell muster on all day with a smile
• Seeing the crowd still enjoy the day even after being anniliated by the thick clay

Some photo highlights of the weekend:

credit: Bluetree Images
I enjoyed making it up the powerline climb on my first lap. I was forced to walk it on my second lap.

credit: Travis West
Still smilin' after Lap 1

Hannah grinning after her 1st lap. Hilary still happy after getting cleaned up.

credit: Bluetree Images
Mathew Portell of having a blast on the trail

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