Monday, June 09, 2008

life's good

life's good
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Done with my marathon week of work. At home relaxing and getting errands done. Beth's Mom gave me a 3.5 lb bag of M&Ms yesterday... Doesn't she know I'm a recovering M&M fiend?! Relapse baby.....yummy relapse!!

I don't have the energy to update on my week activities and I'm not the few that read this aren't that interested in studio stories. It was a good week, working on a range of music from Trace Adkins to Latin. Lots of laughs and late nights. I dreaded the week a bit but in the end I am glad I was able to do all the sessions. They were all fun!

Heading out of town to sell Beth's jewelry in NYC.... Looking forward to traveling and getting out of town for a few days!

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