Saturday, April 16, 2011

Secret routes from Old Chubs

Went down to the new MOAB shop in Franklin this afternoon with my friend Miles. Got to hang with Thad and Miles was able to buy a rack and some fenders for his do-it-all Gary Fisher Mamba. I wanted to see the new shop and let me tell you it's NICE. Very deep and spacious which is an odd thing in a bike shop. You even have room in the shop to ride a bike around.

After Miles made his purchases we consulted Thad on a good 20 mile route to ride from the shop. He told us of this "secret" route of his and then gave me a word document print out with turn by turn directions. Hmm not so secret if there is a stack of papers with directions. :) We got a quick Google Maps tour of the route and off we the wind on a fine, brisk, cloudy spring day.

I immediately remembered why I missed riding down in Franklin. You're treated to some great scenery while you ride the rolling hills and pass by large plots of farm land. This route starts out easy then you slowly start ascending. You don't realize it while you're riding but about 3 miles in you start climbing and continue to gain elevation for the next 5 miles. Your reward is an awesome, wide open downhill where you have to hold back to stay under 40 mph. More great views through some backroads and few short stretches on Hwy 96 and next thing you know you're back on Del Rio and only have about 3 miles left.

Best way to follow up a ride like this? Oscar Blues Old Chub and Dogfish Head India Brown Ale.... yum

It was a great afternoon jaunt around Franklin. Thanks for the route tip Thad! Hope to make it down again soon!

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