Thursday, October 08, 2009

All rides should start with a headwind and end with a tailwind.

Well ok, not all rides. But it's always fun when you can benefit from what you were just fighting on your way home.

I rode down to REI today to try and find some bike stuff I could buy with my dividend check. It's awesome that REI gives you back money for shopping there. I don't buy a ton a things there as I find their bike department rarely has the very specific things I'm looking for, but as far as an outdoor store, their selection is incredible. I remember I bought a new pair of ski pants there last year around this time.... oh yea that's why I got a good dividend.

It was nice to be able to pick up some needed cycling maintenance items like butt cream and have it be free! Didn't even cost me any gas money to get down there?

So far today as been a win win day. Slept in a bit, got stuff done around the house, rode my bike to a cool store where I got something for free and am now planning my evening around my bicycle. Yazoo Tap Room? Live on the Green concert with free bike parking?

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