Friday, August 28, 2009

New times call for new skills

When opportunity knocks what do you do? I hope that I can recognize it and open the door.

Beth has come up with a great idea for a Freshie & Zero promotion but it involves a little bit of sewing. Not hand sewing but some simple sewing on a machine. First thought: Can we send this to my Mom? (she's a great seamstress!) Logistics are hard though since she lives 12 hrs away in Virginia. So what's a budding entrepreneur like Beth to do? Buy a sewing machine.

With time on my hands and a sewing machine on the dining room table, I jumped right in to the instruction manual. Started off easy enough, put thread here, pull through here and put on a spool. Wait where does this spool go. Ok, Read some more.... got it, I think. After a bunch of back and forth between the machine and the manual I had some scraps to practice on and I was off.

We've had some table skirts for our show display that unfortunately shrank in the wash a while back & have needed to be re-hemmed really bad. Like many to-dos, we've always managed to put it on the back burner each month. Well, this was my first project Beth gave me. Thankfully it was a simple task and after a little practicing I was ready to tackle it.

Fast forward a few hours to Beth posting up a photo of me on her Facebook sewing and the comments from women start coming in. Turns out I'm quite sexy for running a sewing machine. Who knew. Guess I can stop showing my chest hair and put the gold chains away. I've found the new way to impress the ladies. heh

We're in Atlanta now for the Summer Shade Festival and got all of our stuff setup in our booth this afternoon. It was a proud moment when I got to put the table skirts on and they fit great and all the velcro matched up perfectly. Sewing, not the manliest thing for a guy to know how to do, but it seems quite useful and the ladies love it. I've already fixed a bathing suit that I have where the velcro fly was coming unsewn.

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