Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Life has been moving swiftly the past couple weeks. Curve balls were thrown but everything has been taken in stride and we are all coping with what life has given us. Renovations have started in full force at our new house; cleaning/priming cabinets, prepping floors for tile, gutting bathrooms... here are some pics of my life this past week.

Haven't been on a bike in 2 weeks, which is great preparation for the longest bike race/ride of my life coming up on Nov 9th. oops... I have some work lined up this afternoon (real studio work, not house work) and then I'm planning on heading to Lock4 for the big SORBA group night ride. I think I remember how to mtn bike. I'm looking forward to catching up with a lot of peeps I've haven't talked to in weeks.

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