Saturday, August 16, 2008

day off, finally

Today was my first day off in 12 straight days. Not a huge amount, but many hours logged. Not sure about the first week, but in the last five days I logged 62 hours. Thankfully I was able to get sat and sunday off before I start back with some Gaither band tracking on Monday and Joe Nicoles tracking on Tuesday. It will be a nice change of pace to go back to a couple country music sessions before getting back into Gospel music on Wed.

I slept in this morning, after working til 4am, and piddled around the house getting caught up on laundry and billing. Beth had a photography appointment over at her Mom's for some photos with her model for Freshie and Zero. I figured I'd get in a short ride over towards Percy Warner then ride over to her parents and meet up for some swimming. It was hard getting motivated to ride. I've been working so much and wish I could be riding, then when I have had some free time, I've been too tired or unmotivated to get out.

But I made it out today. Thankfully the temperature wasn't way high and there was a nice breeze. I didn't think I'd be up for a full, hilly loop at Percy Warner but I rode that direction and figured I'd atleast do a lap or two up and down Belle Meade Blvd. I was wanting a bit more mileage when I rode up to the entrance to the park so I decided to go ahead and do the shorter, 6 mile loop. It was harder than it's been in the recent past, but it felt good to get a sweat on and remind my legs what it felt like to be used and not just sitting in a nice chair all day.

I definitely wasn't prepared for a ride, even a short, easy ride. I wasn't hydrated and haven't had a good diet lately. My sweat was like pure salt running into my mouth, but it still felt good to be back on the bike. I passed a few cycles and walkers and said hi to a guy riding a nice single speed, riser bar road bike before getting back on Belle Meade Blvd and heading to Beth's parents house.

Rolled up and got right in the pool and lounged for the next couple hours. This is how you enjoy a day off I thought! Beth got me a beer and told me I looked like I'd lost some weight and lost my "Yazoo pride". Looks like I need to play some catch up on the next couple tap room trips, or I need to invest in one of these.

The Quiring frame is moving along. I got a couple of my frame drawings this week which I've been keenly studying. Wish I had some more time to ride and less time worrying over top tube lengths in my head. I think once I get a top tube I'm confident about, the rest of the process will move quickly. Pondering signing up for the Swank65. I've been talking about how I'm definitely doing it, but now that it's sign up time, I pause. I think mainly my confidence is shot due to my low amount of riding lately. I guess I could be ready in 2 and a half months. Wonder if I'll have the next bike by then, could be the first big ride for it.

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freshie (and zero) said...

Maybe if I wore one of those simulation beer belly things for a few days, I would feel like i lost weight when I took it off!

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